Best Laid Plans…

To everyone who follows, I believe a bit of explanation is due. On Wednesday of last week, I embarked on a journey to Connecticut to attend the funeral of a dear, sweet Christian woman who is my son’s mother-in-law. She had been called home after a long and arduous battle with brain cancer. I will give more about that in a later post.

Driving 16 hours, attending all the events and driving 16 hours back was quite a feat. Upon arrival, I had to prepare for our church’s Christmas music program. Everything was going smoothly until the middle of Saturday night when all plans were interrupted – the flu struck with a vengeance.

Every person handles sickness differently. Me; I just sleep. It has been years since I have missed services at my church because of sickness and it felt awkward not being in my place. Sunday afternoon I rallied somewhat only to feel another wave come over me.

This morning brought the calm assurance that all is well and a guarded watch over what I eat and energy levels will be the theme of the day.

So, you have been given a more intimate detailed look at ‘why’ there have been no posts since last Tuesday, but I want to assure you, all is well going into Christmas week.

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