Good Morning,

These past few days have been a whirlwind of activity.

Our quartet, The Faithmen Quartet, was asked to sing for an 8 hour youth conference in Clinton, IL this weekend and my, what a weekend! Pastor John Roberson of First Baptist church of Clinton was a most gracious host and his son Jonathan is their youth pastor was the conductor for what we saw later to be God’s blessing on the hard work and effort that he had coordinated.

I cannot begin to tell you how much work, effort, giving and prayer had gone into this weekend by the whole church – adults and teens alike. Often, when we travel, we only see the fruit of the labor put into such an event as this. But to see the energy and excitement of the folks was contagious.

We arrived Friday night and saw as the church readied the local elementary school gymnasium for what would be close to 900 teens the next day. Food preparation, tablecloths and tables, balloons and decorations, snacks, water, soda, stage sound system, chairs and brochures were all planned and placed as planned. So many hands mde the work light and the spirit and attitude was an expectant one.

The next day, Saturday, we arrived at the school to see just a flurry of workers taking care of last minute details and college and camp representatives setting up booths and displays. I won’t go into all the details of what happened, but I can tell you how encouraging it is to an aging saint to see the youth of today, hungry for the things of God and wanting to do right.

Brother Chris Dallas was the evangelist and his message was powerful to fill the altars as well as the special guest Pastor Maury Gibson who brought a message he preached at the very first Teen Conference hosted by FBC. The invitations lasted as long as the Spirit moved and we are always in awe of what God does through the music we bring and the preaching of God’s Word.

We came away from that meeting so encouraged!

The next day, Sunday, we stayed over to be a blessing to the church folks of First BAptist church. Pastor Roberson said that most of his people did not get to hear the preaching or the music because of their dedication and work for the conference so Bro. Dallas and the quartet provided for the services on Sunday.

Again, words cannot accurately describe what took place, but know that God moved in to our services that day. Sunday night was extra special! We had music by the teen choir and it broke loose early on. People were testifying of the goodness of God and what God had been doing in their lives!

The power and presence of the Holy Ghost of God touched again as the teens sang. To see the choir loft empty as teens flooded the altar praying with friends and some remaining to sing was so powerful… The night will be truly a memory long remembered for time to come.

Let me leave you with this thought – if you are discouraged by what you see in our youth today, know that they are hungry for a good, godly leader willing to invest in their life. Whether you have children or not, you can be an encourager to those who are looking for a path, a light and a helping hand.

It is easy to criticize, but takes love, kindness and perseverance to help those who need us most.


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