Sunday Soothings

John 11:40 “Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?”

Someone once said:

“We have lost the eternal youthfulness of Christianity. We seldom pray in earnest for the extraordinary, the limitless, and the glorious. We seldom pray with real confidence for any good to the realization of which we cannot imagine in a way; and yet we suppose ourselves to believe in an infinite Father.” – Source Unknown

As a grandparent, I love to see the youthfulness, energy and excitement in the faces of our grandchildren. They are truly a source of joy to my wife and me. In this age of technology, we can Skype or HouseParty or FaceTime to see into their living room as they and their children talk to Nana and Papa.

Just as technology affords a look across many miles, our faith can allow us to see across the chasms of our unbelief – if we would just allow it. Faith can see the invisible, believe the impossible and accomplish the unthinkable. Yet, as we age – both physically and mature spiritually, the opportunity for apathy and laziness in our Christianity can hinder such faith to be exercised.

I can remember as a young Christian wanting to see the miracles of God. If God is Who He says He is, then He is not only the God of the Bible, He is the God of today. Truly, I have been witness to many a miracle in this lifetime and I expect many more. No, I did not walk on water, raise the dead or turn water into fresh squeezed grape juice; but I have seen God break the bondage of sin in the hardest of hearts to allow salvation to a seemingly impossible situation.

I have seen demons cast out of a young boy who gave his soul to the devil in a devilish act of witchcraft. I have seen dear saints of God pray for healing of cancer only to re-xray their body to find the cancer gone! Answers to prayer that could only be explained as the hand of God.

Dear reader, have we fallen asleep? Are we apathetic? Lazy? Or have the thorns and weeds of this life choked out our once vibrant faith?

Ask for a renewal of the faith that at the first brought your spirit alive in Jesus Christ. Aks for revival. Pray in earnest until it comes.

Gypsy Smith once responded to the question; “How does one get revived?” He responded, “Go to your prayer closet. Take a piece of chalk and draw a large circle. Kneel down within that circle and pray: Father, I pray that you send revival within this circle and I am not leaving till you do.”

Many of us would think our lies too busy to do something so bold as that. But we should stop and ask ourselves, ‘How badly do I want and desire the presence of God in my life?’

Oh, that we would once again have the faith of child that would believe that revival could come to that circle and rise up renewed and revived!

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