True Praise

Psalms 104:1Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty.”

A pastor called upon the congregation to ‘Praise the Lord’, and all at once, people began shouting; “Praise the Lord!” “Hallelujah!” “Praise His holy Name!”. There were some in the congregation shouting, and some sat dumbfounded; not knowing what to do or how to do it.

I heard this account and wondered if called upon, could I rightly praise God?

It is one thing to shout out that I truly do praise Him, but, throughout the book of Psalms we read from the heart of man after God’s own heart the words of praise written for our learning.

I have gleaned from David that he meditated deeply on all that God had done, all that coincides with His character and all that He is capable of. He saw nature as the evidence of a word spoken; “Let there be light” as it came from the mouth of God. He saw all creation as the handiwork of a God that did it all for him.

David grew to know the love of God, the grace of God, the mercy and forgiveness of God and thanked Him for it and praised God when he was the recipient. He saw the hand of God move to answer his prayer. He saw truth revealed when praying one way and God answering another.

He stood in awe of the beauty of a sunset, the majesty of a mountain view. He tasted the provision of God when thirsty or hungry. He saw the protective hand of God when all around him seemed lost. When wounded or hurt, he felt the healing hand of God touch his heart or his body.

He realized the wisdom and the understanding that God provided by accepting his own limitations and humbling himself to the true power that came when at his weakest point. David experienced such things because I believe he gave God the preeminence. He allowed God to have first place in his life.

What drove it deeply into David’s life is that he took it personally. He took all that was given as if God alone did it just for him. David established early on in his life a relationship to be cherished, nurtured and set it before his eyes not as a duty, but a revered position of such importance, such dignity and reverence that it became his worship and his praise.

Complaints and criticisms come so easily to our lips. We do not hesitate a moment to allow those caustic words to fall out of our mouth and spill out onto unsuspecting ears that see that is how we are and who we are for the frequency of what it is we say.

Do you feel awkward or doubtful you could truly praise the God of Heaven if called upon?

Could you, in the quiet of your devotions and meditation praise God?

Could you drop to your knees and take time to praise your Heavenly Father?

If so, for how long?

Could you take time to praise Jesus for all He did to purchase your redemption? For the great sacrifice He made to save our sorry soul from Hell? For leaving the throne of Heaven; the worship of angels, the honor, glory and majesty that He truly deserves to be born in a manger? For us?

Could you praise the Holy Spirit? For His indwelling? For His leadership and guidance in our life? Could we praise Him for suffering our neglect of Him? Our resistance, disobedience and rebellion to His conviction and leading?

Could you praise the Father for His will for your life? The perfect plan He has for every step of every day? Could you praise the Father for the things He has provided, the protection He has given, the provision for our every need and the power He gives to perform all He asks us to do?

Maybe it is the ‘chronological giftedness’, or the realization of the empty nest I now live in or just getting more emotional the older I become; but, I am so much more aware of God’s presence and movement in my life now, more than ever.

I see the stars and wonder just how they will look to me from Heaven’s view? I interact with people at work and think of their eternal destiny more than their opinion on the recent sporting event or vacation they just took.

I could truly go on for pages, but I am hoping you are getting the idea…

Today, as you hurry off to work, or to the things that begin your day, take some time to praise God for all that you know Him to be in your life. Praise Him for all that He did in your church yesterday. If all this seems foreign, start by praising Him for saving you.

Our God is truly worthy of all glory honor and praise. Who better to praise Him than the recipient of His blessings?!

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