High Visibility

Psalms 60: 4Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah.”

God has many names. All of which describe His character, His attributes, who He is.

There is El-Elyon – The God Most High. El-Shaddai – God Almighty. Elohim – God our Creator.

In our text this morning, we find Jehovah-nissi – the Lord our Banner.

If you and I were to stand and declare ourselves to the world, what would you place on your banner? Would it be your favorite sports team? Would you associate yourself with your workplace? How about your family’s heritage? Would you align yourself with a culture; a particular race or country? Would you, could you be defined by your profession? Your wealth, or your popularity?

There are so many factions today that fight for recognition; to be validated in the eyes of the world. They seek recognition, affirmation and acceptance; so they march, they advertise, they promote. With such information at our fingertips, we are inundated with every voice that seeks to be heard and recognized.

God is not opening the heavens and speaking to man. He is not vocal amongst the masses. We, who are the children of the Most High God, are His ambassadors. We must be the ones to represent Him to those who need to know. The world has His creation, the cross, the Bible and His children as witness to the reality of a holy God.

Do people know that you are a Christian? Some will say; “I’m kind. I do not curse or swear. I treat people well and do good when I can.” Good religious folk who are on their way to Hell can do the same. Yes; the world should see that we are different by how we live, but if it is not backed up by a gospel witness; a vocal, bible quoting, bible referencing witness, we are not doing our job properly.

An ambassador for any country will spell out what it’s leadership believes and what its mission is in that foreign land.

If God is my banner – do I display Him proudly, boldly, and lovingly to a world who so desperately needs Him? Do I take the time to greet people, get to know them, introduce them to the One who changed and transformed our life?

If God is my banner, do I display Him as the cure for all ills? The need-filler? The Comforter? The Healer? The All-Powerful One? The God of Gods, Lord of Lords and King of Kings? The Creator of the universe?

Let’s say my father was a well-renowned doctor who knew how to cure people of all diseases. If I met someone whom my father could heal, would I be remiss not to introduce them to the one who can help them? I would be proud to do so!

How much more then, should we, who have been saved from the eternal flames of a very real, very imminent Hell, be ready and willing to speak up and speak up and speak out about the One who delivered our soul from eternal damnation?

‘I can’t…’, ‘I’m afraid…’, ‘What will people think of me?’ ‘What if I am a poor representative; ambassador for Him?’

We are a poor representative when we DON’T speak up, when we DON’T witness for Him!

We have been given armour to protect us; His Word that is alive and powerful and will accomplish all that God intended to do; the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and comfort us… What more do we need?

Wave the banner high. Declare who you are in Christ to a lost and dying world who will thank us for being vocal; for being visible and for being vibrant!

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