This Lord’s Day

Psalms 42:1-2 “(To the chief Musician, Maschil, for the sons of Korah.) As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?”

The choices I make every day reveal where my desires lie. I can say I am this or that, but if my actions do not back up my words, they are just empty desires. When we are hungry, we may not make it home before driving through a fast food restaurant for something to fuel that desire.

When I say I have a heart for God or for the things of God, how is that displayed? My attendance at church is but a minimal display of obedience. So, how is that desire, that heart for God shown? In most active and alive churches today, about 15-20% of the people do about 80-90% of the work.

Many people work in multiple ministries, perform multiple functions and it is truly the busy people who will volunteer yet again for the extra work that needs to be done. Yet, I do not believe that was God’s plan.

I truly believe each of us is called to be a part of a specific, local New Testament church. As that church is representative of the body of Christ, one makes up the head, the hearing, the hands, the feet and all together, they function to perform what Christ could do if He were here on the earth today.

When some fail to perform that which they were gifted and given talents to contribute, there is a gap that needs to be filled. Would to God we would pray for all those in our churches to heed the call of the Holy Spirit of God to fill the place that God designed for them to fill!

The most fulfilling peace I have ever known is working in the capacity I have been called to perform. It is the most challenging, the most frustrating, but also the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I know that in filling that gap, I do not have what it takes to be what I feel God would have for the person that should fill that capacity.

Yet, trusting God by faith, I am used of God time after time to do things, say things that are not in my character; not in my training or mind to do. So, where does it come from? It is God in and through me doing that which I, in the flesh, cannot.

On this Lord’s day, would you join me in earnest prayer for you and I to be in our place, desiring God to speak through His man – our pastors, to give you and I what it is we truly need for this week? When we come seeking a blessing and the pastor prepares to want to be a blessing, God shows up.

When the better part of the church prays for that desire to increase and earnestly and diligently seeks the face of God, we have revival. It all starts with you and me. A man asked an old-time evangelist, Gypsy Smith, how to have revival. His answer was simple.

He said:

“Go home, lock yourself in your room, kneel down in the middle of your floor. Draw a chalk mark all around yourself and ask God to start the revival inside that chalk mark. When He has answered your prayer, the revival will be on.”

Those of us who would scoff at such simple instructions lack the faith it takes for such things to happen. When the thirst for something overtakes the ordinary, extraordinary things begin to happen. Wanting something from God so badly that we are willing to do anything to receive it pushes us to limits we must exceed.

Time. Schedule. Hunger. Sleep. Can these be laid upon an altar of sacrifice until we hear from Heaven? Is what we are seeking worth the sacrifice?

It; we – were sure worth what Jesus did to pay the price for our salvation!

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