Sunday Soothings

Psalms 23:2-3He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”

From where I am sitting this morning, I can hear and see the ocean waves as they crash upon the shore. The drive to North Carolina was worth the sleeplessness to get here. The pace of life is much slower and being with my family again was well worth the trip.

My father is up in years and getting more frail. The Parkinsons and past accidents have made him far less mobile to one who is used to almost constant activity. But it is his spirit and attitude that has truly shone through. It is one of the traits of those post depression era generation that has been overlooked by many.

Making do with what you were given. Finding joy in the simple things. Loving and advocationg hard work. Making no excuse for your lot because by the sweat of your brow and the work of your hands, you can change your course in life. These are but a few of the principles by which my Dad lived by.

He shared a bit of his heart with us last night as we all sat around the dinner table. At the senior living center where he lives, hhe sees so many who are there and alone. My dad is very social and reaches out to any and all he can.

But he said that in his interactions with folks around him, that the men and women he has had the priviledge to know, do not know love. Love of spouse, love of family, love of God. He seemed heartbroken and wondered just what he could do to share and show them love.

The circumstances that brought my dad to that place are nothing short of divine intervention. His situation and circumstances now allow him time to interact with all whom he sees. I believe God has a ministry for my dad – even in his twilight years.

I began to think about who my dad was growing up and who he has become. My mother was an amazing woman. She stuck with my dad when times were tough; when things got ugly and both felt like giving in and giving up.

My dad never heard the words; “I love you” growing up. He didn’t know much what real love was all about. My mother and God showed him that. My parents had very close friends that shared some very deep and intimate things of their lives growing up and helped each other through them. It was more than a support system – it was their lifeline.

Our parents friends became our friends. I am sure they heard of all our failures and the struggles parents go through with rebellious teens. The shared the joys and wept with them. They were there for each other. When Mom died, the church was packed with all the people that Mom and Dad had touched.

The testimonies and stories are still being told today and I am sure all will be revealed in Heaven.

But today, as I sit on a veranda overlooking the Atlantic ocean; hearing the waves beat against the shore, I can think and meditate on those memories and share with my sisters and brother just how Mom and Dad have influenced us. We will laugh and cry together.

But most of all, we will be making memories that will last forever.

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