If You Knew Him

Philippians 3:10 “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

It is amazing to me what our enemy, Satan, finds to distract us and get us to take our eyes off of God. By virtue of the money involved, sports has risen to be one of the greatest distractions of all time. In many countries, it has been the altar at which we bow.

The growth of fantasy leagues within every sport has further enslaved many to the acquisition of useless facts; statistics and and achievements over a game played by grown men.

Think of it…

If all the time spent studying such useless things were applied to reading the Word of God, in prayer or giving the gospel to a lost and dying soul; what eternal rewards could be reaped?!

Is it that we are merely satisfied to know about God instead of truly knowing Him?

I have heard some justify their laziness with this:

“I will be spending all eternity getting to know God. So, why not have some fun while I’m here?”How foolish – how selfish!

When I came to realize what God had provided for me to be restored, redeemed and reborn; I was truly humbled by what Jesus had to go through for me. I felt it the height of ingratitude to turn away from what it was He truly wanted me to do – what He wanted me to be.

As I began to know more about my God, the more I wanted to know Him.

The fact that He knows every hair on my head; every thought that I had or was going to have,  the words before I spake them and knew me even before I was formed in the womb – my God knew it all!

For Him to know me so thoroughly; so entirely made me feel so open and vulnerable… at first. Then to know how loved, accepted and secure I am in Him made me feel free! Free to talk about anything and everything.

Today, remove what ever it is that stands between you and Him.

Allow that thought to permeate your thoughts – My God knows me most intimately, pesonally; unlike anyone else in this world.

He longs to spend time talking, walking and sharing all that He has for us. He has seen our future and can do whatever is needed for us to successfully do His will.

How well do you know this God who knows you so initmately?

When you meet Him, will it be the first time you were in His presence? Or will it be a familiar meeting of an old friend?

We all have a choice.

Do not allow our enemy to slowly steal your time with useless things that have no eternal value.

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