Deuteronomy 32:15But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; then he forsook God which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation.”

On a holiday borne out leanness, we find most Americans sitting at a table eating far more than their share today. This day in history came about after those who had come to this new land nearly died of starvation; had it not been for the Indians who befriended the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock so many years ago. 

Aside from talk of the over-abundance, the need to share with those less fortunate or the need to fall to our knees in humble gratitude; every one of us (this writer included!) needs to be reminded of the spiritual ‘fatness’ we fail to see in our lives.

Just like some today will push away from a Thanksgiving table, unable to eat another bite, we; who name the name of Jesus are full as well. But full of what?

If what our eyes saw and ears took in were our daily food, what would it say to our spiritual diet? What are we full of? An honest look would say “I have more of the world that I would ever care to admit”.

God does not ask us to mindlessly give over our lives for something or Someone who will abuse us or misuse us. When I think of what it took to make me a child of God, my heart breaks over my ingratitude. 

There are some churches who seem to be satisfied with the weekly attendance, dropping a twenty in the offering and saying ‘Amen’ to truths that wouldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. But center our thoughts on who we are in Christ; testify of that goodness often and purpose to do one thing each day that reflects our thankfulness would go a long way to draw us back to a dynamic love relationship with our Savior.

But there are also those who see growth. You see souls saved on a regular basis. You serve and God uses you regularly. But do we thank God for using us? For the growth? For the conviction? 

When the gathering of the church becomes an interaction of the Holy Spirit with my spirit as God leads, I can experience ‘church’ as more than just a ‘one and done’ religious duty. It can take on a life that our Heavenly Father designed to feed our hungry soul. 

Many of us have experienced a hunger that needed to be fed – and some for an extended period enough to what most of the world knows on a regular basis. Many of us have the ability to have those needs met often enough that we take for granted the true source and nature of the One who gave it. 

When was the last time you said; “I am hungry to read my Bible” or “I have been thirsting for my time in prayer” or “I just need to tell someone how to get saved”? Sometimes, we are hungry for all the wrong things. 

As long as we are in the earthly tabernacle, we will always hunger and thirst and desire to be fed. But what about that which is eternal – what of those things?

Personally, I am challenged regularly and reminded often of the salvation I have in Jesus Christ. The significance of what it took for me to become a child of God and what has been given me in exchange for my sins overwhelms me at times. 

If, in reading this far your heart has not been stirred, consider this – what is it that you are so full of that there is no room for gratitude for what Jesus Christ paid for you with His life? That numbness; that apathy has no place in the heart of God’s children.  Not today – not ever. 

So, when you find that there is a coldness; a numbness or that inability to have heartfelt gratitude for what has been given you in salvation; get away from the table you are feasting; get quiet with God and begin to thank Him for the salvation you possess. Think on the blessings. Think on the price paid for the redemption of your soul. 

Empty yourself of all that is earthly and worldly and you’ll begin to find you have room for what could be the beginnings of a personal revival!

To those here in the United States – Happy Thanksgiving!

To those around the world – I thank God for you. Your thirst and hunger for God brought us together and my prayer is that through this meditation, you can grow closer in your walk with God and experience a much more dynamic love than you have ever had before!

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