What Came Over You?

Romans 12:21Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

In the aftermath of a very bad situation, it was learned that they were just overwhelmed and ‘lost it’. Whether it was a fit of anger, a jealous rage, giving into an addiction or immorality; people often ‘give in’ to whatever it is that has ovewhelmed them.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore!”

Cases of extreme abuse, torture, and oppression can wear on a soul. There are times when we feel overwhelmed with what comes at us and often people will feel overcome by that which they cannot control. People suffer nervous disorders, mental anguish and some even a breakdown of their mental stability due to the inability to filter all that is coming at them.

Paul makes a very simple, yet profound statement – “Be not overcome of evil...”

In this world today, our eyes are bombarded with every evil imagineable. Whether on our computers, phones, television screens or billboards as we drive, our eye gate is assaulted with images.

Our ears are filled with things we weren’t meant to hear. They allow such profanity in what they call music today – it is obscene. Whether it is calling for the murder of those in authority, or describing a violent sex act; much of the ‘new music’ pushes the envelope of acceptability into the vile, disgusting and filthy.

You cannot watch the nightly news without coming away feeling dirty and without hope for this world.

But Paul goes on to say: “…but overcome evil with good.”

When people who name the name of Jesus find it difficult to stand, this truth becomes a guiding principle to success or failure. We fail not because of what we lack, but what fills us. Time spent on worldly activity. Eyes that feast more on movies and computer images than the Word of God. Ears filled with worldly music or talk radio instead of songs, hymns and spiritual songs.

If one time contact with these things would prick our hearts to conviction, confession and repentance; that would be one thing. But we seem to be accepting of the majority being worldly with a sprinkle of Jesus here and there.

If we would neglect those we love like we neglect the Savior, we wouldn’t have much of a relationship for very long. It is as if we abuse the priviledge and promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us and treat Him horribly.

If you and I were to quantify our love for God by time spent; what would your life say?

I start my day with…

I spend most of my time doing/watching/listening…

I talk with others about…

I end my day with…

We talk a good game, but the proof lies where our feet take us. Actions speak louder than words. I can say I love God, but if I do not do what He asks, my ‘love’ is just lip service and I expect God to accept that.

When my day begins with putting God first, my day goes much more smooth than if I hadn’t. There have been many a day I had to run to Him for comfort; for wisdom; for advice on what to do… but it becomes a prolonged process when I have to re-introduce myself to Him and His Word after such a long abscence!

God tells us that this world will wax worse and worse. I can allow it to overwhelm me, or I can take steps to allow myself to be overwhelmed with God and His goodness. He has already told me the results of the latter…

Overcome evil with good!

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