No Fear

Psalm 27:1 A Psalm of David. “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

Fear is one of those things that can creep into your life unawares.

It can grip you suddenly or pull you ever so slightly over time. We, who name the name of Jesus Christ, should be different from the world – especially in this area. We see others who, seemingly, have no fear and wonder how it is they acquired such strength and confidence.

Looking into the life of David shows that early on, his confidence was in God. As a young lad tending the sheep, he slew a lion and a bear. Not so many years later, he is anointed by Samuel to succeed Saul; Israel’s first king. His life was a display of honor and integrity – but not always. Forasmuch as we see the desirable attributes, we know the man and his utter failures as well.

Through it all, he relies on and reverts back to his relationship with Almighty God. Throughout most of the Psalms, he wrote to give us great insight into his prayer life and conversation with God – through many tumultuous times in his life.

If and when he spoke of fear, there was a return back to his relationship with God. He knew where his confidence lay. He showed us that in the darkest of times; away from God through disobedience and rebellion, his return to God in sweet humility, confession, and repentance teaches me how to do the same.

Whatever fear grips us, our distance from God will determine how much fear will bind us. The closer we are to Him, the more fear has no place. I understand, far more clearly now than at the beginning, just how much I need the close, personal, intimate presence of God in my life.

When all seemed lost, and Absalom was pursuing his own father to kill him and take possession of the throne, David still had the insight and integrity to deal as God would have him. Though he did not always make the right decisions, we see all too clearly that his life reflected God’s presence in abundance.

When you and I can honestly say that we have lived as David did; seeking and desiring the very near presence of God, fear will scarce be found. If you are in its clutches, run to Him who will calm your soul and shine a light on the path for us to take.

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