Sunday Soothings

Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”

One of the more beautiful senses that our wonderful Creator has given us is our sense of taste. Our tongue is a very sensitive piece of flesh. The ability to taste sweet, salty, and bitter excites us. The culinary arts utilize the mixtures of so many flavors to generate an experience that quite literally bonds to our memory through our ability to taste.

Our sense of taste is personal.

If we have a terrible experience, we say; “That left a bad taste in my mouth.”

It is linked to our emotion, our memory, our relationships, and our sensuality.

With so many of us, we acquire these tastes early on in life. As a parent, it was interesting to see which of our children would like a thing and which would turn from it. Often, parents go to the extreme in trying to please their children by becoming a sou chef at mealtime to find just pleases their little one.

Because I grew up in a larger family, you had to eat what was put before you or you went without. To complain was to be sent from the table without eating. So, you learned early on to trust Mom’s cooking ability and ate what she made.

What we curled our noses up as a child now have sometimes become a likable dish on our plate. Something about the smell of Brussel sprouts and asparagus turned my nose as a child, but now I enjoy them quite regularly.

How aptly God uses our sense of taste with Himself.

“O taste and see that the LORD is good…”

The personal nature of our God that links our taste to say such a thing is no accident. The smell of bacon will often bring me back to the times when, as a child, I would visit my grandmother on our city’s north side.

As we opened the door to the stairs of her upper flat, that smell we greet us as we made our way to her apartment. She was always at the entrance to gather us in her arms and in her Polish accent say, “Come give Grandma a big hug!”

Cookies baking brings my mind tot he annual “Great Cookie Caper” where my Dad would invite all us kids and in time all the grandkids to bake Christmas cookies. We would parse out all the duties to which kinds he was going to make that day. Chopped dates and nuts, sifting flour, measuring the sugar, packing the brown sugar; we all were set to our tasks.

As they would come out of the oven, we would be allowed a small taste of what we had all just created. During those times, my Dad was in his element. He loved family and loved when we all got along; working together to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of just being together.

My taste of God is similar.

There are times and places that are so very sweet to me. Sacred places. Our quartet, the Faithmen, have made such sweet memories with different churches by sharing God’s music. The fellowship we share as Christians can be sweet because of the Spirit’s presence.

Tasting is not something to be a “One and done” type of an affair. Savor it. Slowly allow the time to pass and the taste to linger. Drink in the moment that is happening and do not let the little nuances escape your notice. They all begin to solidify as a beautiful memory of our Heavenly Father and His presence in our life.

This being our sabbath, it is right that we take time to reflect on things such as this. Slow down your pace a bit. Turn aside from the pace of life and think on God’s goodness to you this past week. Allow the memories to ruminate just like a good marinade.

Along the way, thank God for the precious little things that catch your attention. God takes time and goes to great lengths to make our lives a full embodiment of Himself. Get apart from people and take just a moment to praise Him quietly and thank Him for all that He has given you!

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