Good Morning

Today is abnormal.

Our schedule and routine often define us and when they are not in tune, we are often unsettled and ‘out of sorts.’ My work has asked for a special commitment and I must cooperate.

Daily Manna will resume normally tomorrow, but I want you to know that I truly pray for you all. I pray for God’s hand of protection, His provision, and His presence be with you and guide you throughout your day.

Please take a moment and maybe comment on how Daily Manna has been a blessing to you and I will share it.


  1. A few times, the scripture or the topics on your posts were in sync with what I was pondering about on that day or sometimes, even the scripture I had been led to came up in your post as well on the same day.
    This was always a nice confirmation for me that we are all connected through OUR FATHER and that no matter where we live on earth and no matter what happens in our lives at the moment, we will all be happy and united as one big family of brothers and sisters in CHRIST one day.
    Praying for you as well. GOD bless you!

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  2. Paul, God is using you in a great way. The words of wisdom you convey each day is nothing short of amazing. The fact that you are working full time ; with a family and the various other programs and activities you are involved in the Church is mind boggling. Only thru the leading of the Holy Spirit and your obedience is this possible. The quality of your Daily Manna’s is exceptional, and many times after reading them, I say to myself – wow. Thank-you! When I was attending Faith Baptist I didn’t realize how blessed we were in having you around. I would have said “hello” more often. On another note, a few years ago after one of the RU meetings on Friday night, you did 50 push ups. I now do 50 push ups daily as a result. Could probably do more, but I don’t want to push it! May God continue to bless you and your family and keep you safe from the evil one.

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