Saturday Morning Musings

Proverbs 20:27 The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.”

Candles create an ambiance of warmth, calm, and peace. Something is soothing and even romantic about candlelight. The flickers of that flame dimly light a room and casts shadows as it dances upon that wick.

To call man’s spirit a candle though is quite impressive. It means that it can be lit. It means that there only a certain amount of time that candle will last. It can be blown out at any time. 

When it is given the right environment of oxygen, a dry environment, and stillness, it can light a room. Take away its fuel, try to keep it lit in the rain, or leave it to burn in a windstorm, and it cannot survive.

Sixteen times the word candle is mentioned in the scriptures.

Job mentioned God’s candle that shined upon him and how the candle of the wicked is put out by God.

David mentions it once in Psalms as his path is illuminated by God’s light. 

Proverbs tells us that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord and that the woman of Proverbs 31 will work late into the night to fulfill her duties as a wife.

Jesus spoke six times of a candle. Most importantly, our gospel witness is a lighted candle that should shine bright for all to see. 

And in Revelation, it speaks of the light going out on the ungodly who will perish forever. But also that we, who will reside with Him in Heaven, will live in a land of light and have the light of Christ within us.

Sin is a factor in every aspect of the Christian life. It dirties the soul and puts distance in our relationship with the Father. Sin dims the light of our candle and taints the testimony that should burn brightly. 

There is not much need for a candle in the day for the light of the sun is a far more excellent source. But in the night is when the candle needs to be trimmed, lit, and burning brightly. When a glass is placed over the candle to protect it from the wind and the elements, I see it as God’s protection to keep Satan’s devices from thwarting our ability to burn brightly for my Father. 

We should be on guard against those things that seek to extinguish our light. Inward pressures seek to distract, divide, and destroy when we are not secure in our relationship with God. Outward pressures are there to keep us off-balance, unfocused, and always putting out the smaller fires that beg for our attention.

When all around us seems to be in upheaval, we, God’s children, should be the ones to bring sanity to the situation, calm to the chaos, and peace to the soul. But we must possess and be possessed of the One who works in and through us to do so. 

May we today, pray for the grace needed to keep our candles trimmed and burning brightly. But, also looking to bring light to those in darkness. We were in darkness once, and someone brought light to us.

Let us take up the call to do the same!

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