1 Chronicles 22:11-13 Now, my son, the LORD be with thee; and prosper thou, and build the house of the LORD thy God, as he hath said of thee. Only the LORD give thee wisdom and understanding, and give thee charge concerning Israel, that thou mayest keep the law of the LORD thy God. Then shalt thou prosper, if thou takest heed to fulfil the statutes and judgments which the LORD charged Moses with concerning Israel: be strong, and of good courage; dread not, nor be dismayed.”

“Hindsight is 20/20.”

“The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.”

As a father of four adult children, the passage today tugged at my heart. It is taken from David’s warning to his son, Solomon.

A few observations.

David was concerned about his legacy for more than just how it would reflect on him. David knew that it was God that had placed him on the throne. It was God that had won his battles. It was God that had prospered him in every endeavor.

His walk with God was not some inheritance that can be boxed and presented as a gift. It is a belief that turned into a desire, that fueled his will, that turned into a habit, which in turn, became the fabric of his life.

Being called ‘a man after God’s own heart’ did not come casually. It was an earned reputation for decisions made; for words spoken, and a life lived out before a multitude over many years.

David took the call of God on His life seriously. He spoke early and often of where he was called from and what he was called to do. I believe it helped him to remain humble. He saw what God had given him to be and to do was far greater than the strength of his arm, or the intellect he possessed.

David gave God credit for the man he had become; the name that was revered, and the power he wielded. But how to pass this on to his son? Many a father searches for the answer and falls short with the example given to him by his progenitors. 

Two things are needed to pass on a legacy. The father willing to patiently teach, tutor, and mentor; and a son with a teachable spirit. It is a father willing to do the hard thing and correct his son correctly. It is a son trusting that Dad truly loves him and does what he does in love.

It is a father who doesn’t shy away from addressing the hard things. It is a son willing to accept early on that they require the wisdom of those who’ve walked before him. We can look at those who have already lived their lives year prior, and come up with solutions for how they could have done it better.

It can even plague a father who, seeing the fruit, wishes he had another chance to reteach, retrain, or restrain, what comes out as a wrong decision, a bad life choice, or just pure rebellion.

There is only one perfect Father. Holding His hand while fathering our own is the only way to ensure that our legacy will have the best chance at honoring God.

Many try to make their name what survives the ravages of time.

All I desire of my sons and daughter is to teach their children a deep love for God, to walk closely with Him, and serve Him in the calling that He has placed upon their life. I genuinely do not care if they felt they had a great father. I want them to take with them that their Dad had a great God!

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