Sunday Soothings

Amos 5:14 Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live: and so the LORD, the God of hosts, shall be with you, as ye have spoken.”

How would you complete this statement:

“I have sought for ( ) all my life.”

Wherever you are now, would you say that you are on the right path to finding what it is you are seeking? Look at your life in terms of time spent. Could it be said we are seekers of God or lovers of pleasure? Are you a child of God who seeks after His presence, His Word and His glory? Or are we satisfied with our fire insurance policy to miss Hell?

The majority of our time is spent on that which we love the most. For some, it might be family; others spend most of their time on their job. There are those whose life is consumed with fear, doubt, and worry. Still, others have a passion for advocating for other’s needs. 

There are eternal optimists, and conversely, there are the critics, complainers, and curmudgeons who live in negativity. Time spent in the company of both is very revealing.

With the critical, complainers, and those who freely share their opinion of how they could do it better, faster, more efficiently; we come away feeling dirty, troubled, and exhausted. 

With those who seek after the presence of God, you will find a well of water that you can drink deeply and find comfort, peace, and the desire to spend more time with them. Why?

Weigh your time study this week against your time with the Lord. Does He get at least ten percent of your time? Ten percent of your talent? Ten percent of your treasure? We are commanded by God to tithe on all our increase. If our hearts are set to seek God and His goodness, that will be a simple, easy command to obey.

Any resistance in our heart to fulfilling His commands reveals an area that needs to be submitted to Him. God gives me as much as He can trust me to steward for Him. 

Seek good and not evil.”

May our hearts reflect that today and be realigned where we are heading in the wrong direction.

See you in church!

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