Saturday Morning Musings

Proverbs 26:11 As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.”

I know.

What a thing to muse about today!

The King’s English is very pointed in its descriptions. Apart from the obvious application of our opportunity to return to our foolish behavior, There are some things worth pointing out.

Proverbs talks of the fool forty-one times. We shy away from associating ourselves with the fool but must be honest that there is far more ‘fool’ in us than we would care to admit.

Anyone who teaches or mentors leaders would tell you that you must have made a foolish decision, or made to look the fool to lead. Compassion is an element that is often missing in our leadership today; let alone mercy and forgiveness.

We often speak against the folly of our youth, and with good reason. For some, we look back, and our younger days are shrouded in one foolish decision that altered the course of our lives forever.

But thee are times when we fail to think through a matter because others call it folly. Those who think out of the box, outside of the realm of “normal.”

Normal – what is normal? Is it in comparison to what others think, say, or do? Is it within the confines of what others say is acceptable? Is it governed by our authority; or God? Many dreamers get cast into this group who are labeled foolish because they dare test the boundaries of what we all accept as normal.

Foolishness and folly must have boundaries, or they lure us into ungodly thinking and behavior.

Dogs or any domestic animal for that matter, have some disgusting habits. The Bible happens to use one of them to show us what our behavior looks like to our Heavenly Father. As gross as it may seem, associating our return to sin looks as disgusting as that dog eating his vomit.

But is it? Is it gross to us when we take that sin that so easily besets us?

Having a proper view of that behavior will go a long way in keeping us from returning to it. We must take heed to the warnings of the Bible; they are there for our learning. 

For some, it may very well be for your life!

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