Lost Art

Proverbs 4:26 Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.”

We can trace throughout history, practices lost, attitudes changed, and so much more. Just in my lifetime, I have seen so much change. Often, we do not recognize it, but we have changed as well.

The rise in technology has altered our way of living. How we work, how we live, and how we communicate have all been affected. We have more available information than any other generation that has lived before us, yet, we are so lacking in so many areas.

Today, the word ‘ponder’ struck me.

To think, muse and meditate are things we don’t take much time to accomplish. We have allowed the internet to do it for us. If we don’t have the answer, we look to Google. If we struggle with a situation or circumstance, we research what others have done and what they’ve decided. 

The ability to process a thought or a truth is becoming a lost art. Whether alone or with someone, we fail to take an idea to fruition. We fail to use the ‘what, where, when, how, and why’ questions to process through to an answer. 

To meditate, or ponder a thought or a truth, takes time, quiet, and peace in one’s soul to do it properly. There is some preparation needed before you begin.

Find a place that is quiet and free from distractions. Turn all electronics off – not just silenced. We are taught to react when we hear a notification or a vibration on our phones. Let others in the house know that you cannot and must not be disturbed. 

I have told my children that unless the house is on fire or your brother or sister is bleeding, do not disturb me. Placing such significance and allowing others to know you hold this time in high regard is vital. 

First, and foremost, begin with prayer. Ask God to guide your thoughts, hedge about your place of meditation, and strike any idea that does not correspond to your goal.

Mentally, it would be best if you prepared for what may come while you are meditating. 

Stray thoughts like what’s for dinner, or where did I leave that tool, or I wonder what so-and-so is doing right now must be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

Some like to talk out loud; others prefer silence. Some like to walk about, while others will sit. Find what suits you and use it.

Take a 3X5 card and a pen to capture thoughts when they come. If time is a constraint, try to think in small bites. 

“What is one thought that I can take with me from this meditation?”

“Is there anything actionable I can do to further this process?”

Have your Bible nearby. Ask God to refer you to a verse that coincides with your meditation. Be ready to pause after asking God a question and wait for the answer.

Today’s thoughts are by no means, a ‘how-to’ meditate. It is like our prayer life – we know we need one, but fail in the performance. 

The key is to recognize we need to do more and make a plan to start. 

If you have some resources or advice for our Daily Manna readers, please comment to share.

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