What the World Needs Now

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.”

In America, during the violent cultural revolution of the 1960s, there was a clash of ideologies. Young people began to speak out against their authorities. Parents, teachers, and government were their targets. They felt encouraged to push the limits of what was acceptable.

They challenged the morals of the day. “If it feels good, do it” was a mantra of the youth of that day, and they did. The ‘free love’ movement broke the sexual boundaries set by God. Acts of love were no longer meaning commitment and sacrifice. It culminated into something sexual.

History tells us what happens to civilization and culture that degrades to such immorality. Rome fell because it was corrupt from within. It rotted from the inside out. To be moral was not acceptable.

We take in so much information that it is impossible to process it all. Images cross before our eyes at such a rapid rate, and we see far more than we can comprehend. 

We are told to hate by the images of violence we are shown. Justice is dispensed without a gathering of all the facts and plastered all over the mainstream media. Reactions to this type of reporting are becoming almost immediate.

For the saved child of God, we must adhere to a different set of morals than this world would like us to believe. Our code of conduct comes from the Word of God, not CNN, or any talk show host. 

There are but two commands that we are given by God to obey above all others.

Mark 12:29-31 And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

Quite frankly, we are failing at both. 

God contrasts the love we are to have for Him with love for others. We are to have such love for Him that it would look like we hate all else.

Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

Jesus is not advocating hatred. He is putting forth that we have such love in the extreme that anyone could see it. But is that true of us today?

Is our love for God shown because we dress up and attend church? We have grown comfortable in our cocoon of the fellowship and friendships we have formed in our little community. We have limited acceptance into our ‘club’ to those of which we approve. 

Would God be happy about our choices of who we allow and who we push away?

If Jesus came in the form of one so weak, addicted, or outcast, would we receive Him?

Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Jesus said:

John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

But, are we keeping the two that He said mattered most?

No one will argue with this statement – “Sin abounds in the world today.”

We also know and are promised:

Romans 5:20 Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

We are God’s vessels through which that grace flows to this lost world. If we are silent, if we fail to show the love we have toward God and our neighbor, how can we rightly call ourselves God’s children?

There was a popular song in the sixties called “What the World Needs Now” by Jackie DeShannon. The lyrics of this song are put forth as a prayer for God to give the world more love. She sings:

“Lord, we don’t need another meadow

There are cornfields and wheat fields enough to grow

There are sunbeams and moonbeams enough to shine

Oh, listen, lord, if you want to know.

 What the world needs now is love, sweet love

It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of

What the world needs now is love, sweet love,

No, not just for some but for everyone.”

God knew long before this song ever came into existence that love is the need of the day. Before time began, God already had a plan to show His love to us. 

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

 We read that love can cover a multitude of sins, and here in Proverbs, ALL sins. Yet, we would rather sit in judgment than love them to the One who is Judge of all. 

 We, who have our sins forgiven, must share that love and message with all who will listen. One day soon, it will be too late, and the time to win them will be lost – and so will they.

 Loving God with all our heart, mind, body, and soul is revealed in our obeying what we are given to do before we go home to Heaven. Loving our neighbor as ourselves is to look past the outward effects of sin in a person’s life and seeing that their ever-living soul needs redemption that only comes through the blood of Jesus Christ.

 We are His ambassadors to bring that message to all who will hear. Let us not fail in our obedience to Him in this most essential work.

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