Sunday Soothings

Good Morning Daily Manna Readers,

I am just returning from a wonderful family vacation in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia here in the United States  of America. I did take a bit of a vacation from writing to gain some needed respite from normal life and concentrate on family.

It was delightful to reconnect with my children and grandchildren again. As we were leaving, we hugged, reminisced, and tears were shed. The chronological giftedness that I experience (age), has brought nostalgia to the forefront. Making memories that will last and sharing the joys of life were some of the wonderful things that happened this week.

No need to show pictures and tell stories, but just an admonition.

Parents, take time to make memories. Good memories. Lasting memories. It can be a simple activity as playing a game together or sharing a walk. Don’t just selfishly shut yourself off from the rest of your company because you feel your deserve it. Do that when you’re home.

If your a child of a parent who is still living, do not hesitate to visit them. All too soon, the time will have slipped away and those “I love you”s will not be able to be said. We learned this weekend that my mother-in-law has slipped away mentally during this pandemic. She did not recognize her children when they were able to finally see her.

Vacation should be a time to reconnect, renew, and reminisce. Our children are our heritage and we need to keep investing in those relationships. Our parents will not be with us forever. We must continually show our gratitude for their investment in us and tell them as often as possible that we love them.

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day and celebrate your family!


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