Psalm 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.”

With all the recent events, we need some good news. Whether it is the end of the pandemic, the quelling of riots and protests, or that we are getting along with one another; we need to see God’s hand working to lift our spirits.

As the Psalm states, “… who daily loadeth us with  benefits,” it falls to us, God’s children, to see and acknowledge those benefits. It is His children who should readily point out and testify of God’s grace, mercy, and love.

What benefits have you been loaded with today?

Our salvation should be enough to cause our hearts to rejoice each and every single day we wake up. To be given another day to love and serve our Savior is a gift.

Joe Demler is a WWII veteran who was taken captive in a Nazi concentration camp. He saw many of his fellow soldiers die of malnutrition, sickness, and mistreatment. He had nearly died himself  before the Allied Forces came and rescued him. His picture graced the pages of LIFE  magazine and  was dubbed, “The Human Skeleton.”

When asked how he made it through, he replied, “I viewed every day as a gift from God.”

Joe’s situation and circumstances were extreme, to be sure. But in the life of every child of God, the evil day seems extreme at the time we are going through it. Looking at Joe’s picture, we say we could never go through that kind of torture.

The saints who’ve gone before  us who have been persecuted, captured, tortured, and killed would say the same. Yet, God gave them grace to endure. He loaded them with benefits yet unseen.

So, today, is there something in your life that you can see as a benefit that God has loaded in your life?

Is there something you had not considered to be a benefit that now has been revealed?

Take a moment and comment today and let all who read what benefits God has loaded in your life!


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