Saturday Morning Musings

Galatians 4:18 But it is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing, and not only when I am present with you.”

Is church the only place where you feel closer to God?

The meeting place, the fellowship, the songs, the atmosphere, the Spirit’s presence, and the truth preached all make for a great occasion to feel and experience God’s presence.

Yet, God never meant for it to be felt just at the church house. Our homes, whether in private devotion or with our family, should be an opportunity for Spirit-filled fellowship, music, and truth shared.

Paul was telling the church at Galatia that they needed to let God permeate their everyday lives. The fire goes out fairly quickly for the saved child of God, who attends one service a week.

Once on Sunday and a midweek service may sustain it a bit more. But taking the home fires into the church house with you while others do the same will allow your church to burn brightly for the Lord.

What keeps us from being ‘zealously affected?’


Fear of being rejected labeled a ‘fanatic,’ or maybe just a lack of genuine interest.

We fear many things. But allowing that fear to keep our relationship with God tepid or lukewarm is just plain wrong. We cannot honestly look at Calvary, knowing it was for each of us, personally, and not be affected, raises some serious questions.

We can raise our voices at a ballgame. We cheer our favorite team. Yet, to sing or praise God in the one place, it is most accepted that ought to make us wonder. 

People today are zealously affected by an injustice done many miles from their homes. Yet, they take to the streets and protest and riot about what they believe is right.

What if we, God’s children, got so fed up with our nation’s sin and took to the streets to demonstrate and protest for our country to repent and return to God?

Would we be able to hold our ground if opposed, imprisoned, or executed?

As you muse today on these few thoughts, ask yourself, what is it we would be willing to be known as zealous or fanatical? Would it be our Lord or our jobs?

Remember, our actions speak louder than our words.

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