Psalm 73:16-17 When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me; Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.”

You can count that the first response that rises in our hearts is almost always carnal.

For a child of God to respond spiritually, we must first discern and determine how Jesus would have responded in our stead. Knowing ourselves and our trigger points can save us from embarrassment, disappointment, or missing a divine appointment.

But when the situation or circumstance puts us in the hot seat of opposition, oppression, or persecution, we need supernatural guidance. 

The psalmist opens his heart to us in honesty and transparency. His view of life as a child of God is not all sunshine and unicorns. He is oppressed, chastened, and living in hardship while he sees the unsaved prospering and cannot reconcile why.

Many will shake their fist at God, wondering the very same thing.

“Where was God in my time of need?”

“Why didn’t He answer my prayers?”

“I felt so alone.”

Some reading may have been in the very same place.

Having a biblical worldview is key to surviving this Christian life. As events unfold, leading to the imminent return of the Lord, we must draw closer than ever before. As darkness seems to be spreading and winning, we must have a clear vision on God’s throne to see clearly and respond accordingly.

Seeing others beyond the confrontation to view their lost condition takes spiritual insight. We must be the ones to control our flesh enough to respond to them with love, mercy, and grace.

When you feel your flesh rising to respond, ask God for the words and right actions. Sometimes we are only allowed one opportunity to get it right. 

It will not be until we see God’s purpose and plan that we operate with the confidence and boldness needed to be salt and light in this ever-darkening world.

Today, let us pray that we operate under the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit of God. Someone’s eternal destiny may very well depend on it.

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