1. Can you explain what the Lord means when He says “. . .calling of God are without repentance”?
    That’s going over my head. Does He say that we might repent of a calling? Or is it that He won’t accept repentance if we don’t use our gift?

    Thank you.

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    1. Patricia, I believe it to mean first that God does not make a mistake when He calls us and to what He calls us. We may doubt because we see our inability in the flesh, but God sees what we can do through Him.
      Secondly, there are those, who by their own personal failure eliminate themselves from their calling. i.e. a pastor committing immorality. But, that doesn’t mean he is useless to God. I know a pastor who committed immorality and submitted himself to be restored. He was restored in his relationship to God, to his wife, to his family, to his church, to his community, and to service. He and his wife counseled couples who struggled in their marriages – even pastor’s and their wives.
      I hope this helps to clarify it somewhat. If not, you can use Facebook Messenger to continue this conversation.


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