Saturday Morning Musings

Proverbs 13:10 Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.”

It is said that contention is just two prides colliding.

It is never just one who has contention. It is pride on both parts. I used to think that someone had to be at fault and someone needed to be blamed. Over time, I began to realize that God wanted me to deal with my pride. He would take care of the rest.

When we look around, there is so much contention. Contention over race, color, and creed. There is contention over which political party is better. There is contention over the amount of money one has, the position one holds or the clothes they wear.

People are clamoring because they’ve been offended, hurt, or abused. Some of these situations are real and should be addressed. For the most part though, we are acting selfishly and want our own way even if we’re wrong.

I cannot control those around me, but I can control my response to them when my pride rises to contend with theirs.

Smart thought to meditate on:

When contention comes, back up and back off. Check our own pride first before ever responding in kind.

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