This Week

Hello Daily Manna Readers,

This week I will be attending a conference for the faith-based addiction program for which I am a director. There is much to do, see, and hear throughout this week and I will be much taken up with the activities offered.

That said, I will be unable to present the usual devotion every day as my day will begin promptly much earlier than which I am used to. If it sounds like I am making excuse, I am (LOL).

I will try to offer words of wisdom throughout the week but just wanted all to know in advance why.

You are all much loved and prayed for by this author. Daily Manna has blessed me by many of its readers and the comments you leave how this devotion has truly blessed your life.

Thanks to all who read so faithfully!

Daily Manna


  1. My family and I have really enjoyed your Manna because it feels like we are asking a daily question and getting appropriate advice. It has been very beneficial. Thank you so much for all you do.

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