This Week

Good Morning!

This week, I have been attending a conference in Rockford, IL put on by the eNorth Love Baptist Church. These are some of the most hard-working, God-loving people you’ll find on the planet.

We have been treated to beautiful music, timely teaching, and Spirit-filled preaching that has convicted deeply and left a lasting impression on this author, which brings me to the point of this post.

Far too often, we think ourselves to be the best counselor for our situation and circumstance when frequently, we cannot even identify our own blind spots. We need another set of eyes.

Eyes that have been down the road we’re traveling. Hearts that have dealt with the pitfalls of what you and I are about to face.

I have heard from men and women who have worked with the addicted for twenty-five years and know a few things. We have heard from those schooled in biblical counseling how to properly approach the myriad of issues the addicted face today.

Most importantly to me, I heard from the sweet Spirit of God how I personally need to work on things I have neglected, or failed to see on my own.

The work of what God wants to do is ongoing and I praise God! It means that His work in me is not yet completed and His care and concern for me still runs deep.

What a wonderful God we serve!

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