Proverbs 27:7 The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.”

For thirty-one years of my life, I attended a denominational church. The formalism and ritual were the same in every church I attended. You could go, and the service and its components were the same throughout.

Looking back, the power and presence of God were nowhere to be found, though a lit candle was to signify that God was in the house.

After salvation and my spirit came alive, I began to see that the gathering of God’s born-again people was an event that was alive with His presence. The heart of each meeting was dependent upon those attending.

God longs to do work in the hearts of His children each and every day. I truly believe that He longs to have revival at every church service. Yet, even some gathering places today, the Lord’s Day, will be devoid of the presence and power of God.

Some have turned it into a show. Others have so constricted the Spirit of God that His presence cannot move because no place has been given for Him to freely move.

Our Sunday worship should be a spilling over of that which happens personally in our own prayer closets. When each and every child of God attending come hungry to hear from God in the music, prayers, fellowship, and preaching, it is only then that we have a real church.

The longer I am saved, the more I need God in my life.

The more I serve Him, the more I realize His power that works in and through me. 

Many come to their church services expecting God to feed them, which is as it should be. But we fail to prepare our hearts to receive what He has prepared from His man of God.

Some may blame a dead service on the preacher, saying, “He isn’t in touch with the people, or hasn’t sought God diligently,” and while that may be true, have we prayed for the preacher to be anointed and given the words we so desperately need to hear?

Have we sought God to cleanse our hearts from sin to make room to receive the blessing we want God to pour out on us?

Have we made things right between our brothers and sisters to stop the spirit of division in our church and desire unity above all else?

Have we laid up the tithe of all our increase to be given with a merry heart?

In this type of preparation, a church makes room for the power and presence of God. When all are listening and being moved as God designs, then our worship can be Spirit-filled.

Before you head off to church today, prepare your heart for the blessings you so desire and see how God moves.

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